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About Us

Who We Are

CORA Corporation is a full-service, people-oriented consulting firm offering HR training and tools for small-to-medium businesses, industry/manufacturing, and government agencies. Formed in 2000, CORA is based in the greater Pittsburgh area and serves Western and Central Pennsylvania, Eastern Ohio, West Virginia, and Western New York state.

CORA is dedicated to building a dynamic relationship with you as our client. We provide a wealth of personnel expertise that you can tap into in order to hire, train, manage, and retain your workforce. Our goal is for you and your employees to take the help we provide and apply it proactively to enhance your career skills, your professional relationships, your working environment, and ultimately your bottom line.

“Creating Opportunities for Real Achievement” is CORA’s vision for you. At the heart of CORA is a sincere desire for excellence in all we do for you. When you work with us, you put expertise and integrity to work for you.

Why Us?

CORA Corporation is different in that we take a personal interest in you as an individual and in your company as a unique business. We are dedicated to building dynamic relationships with our clients.

  • CORA Corporation is different in that we take a personal interest in you and your organizational challenges.

  • We view ourselves as business partners with you in maximizing the human potential of your workplace. A strong, motivated workforce translates to increased productivity and enhanced financial performance.

  • CORA brings a coaching perspective to its work. Think of how a highly skilled coach can enhance the performance of a top athlete – that’s the difference that coaching, rather than mere consulting, can make to your organizational success.

  • CORA offers a free coaching session to every workshop organizer to help reinforce the skills and concepts learned and apply that learning to your unique situation.

  • CORA Corporation is a family business, and woman-owned. We are entrepreneurial professionals who will give you our personal best, no matter how big or small the task.

Our Staff

CORA’s principals and associates hold professional certifications and advanced degrees in disciplines related to organizational leadership, human resource management, public administration, and corporate communication. We have extensive expertise in HR ethics and compliance issues, workshop and training design, meeting facilitation, organizational learning, and executive coaching.


Amy Wilson holds masters’ degrees in Leadership & Business Ethics from Duquesne University and Professional Writing from Slippery Rock University. During a career that has spanned the Fortune 500, an international nonprofit, and county government, Amy has distinguished herself as a dynamic administrator and communications strategist. She was most recently Chief Clerk and Director of Administration for the County of Butler, PA, one of the few growing counties in Western Pennsylvania.



Rich Wilson is a certified human behavioral consultant. He has a wide range of professional experience in human relations and interpersonal communication in fields as diverse as law enforcement and public safety, municipal government, manufacturing, and family-owned businesses.  He is a trained executive coach, a dynamic speaker, a creative marketer, and a motivating trainer.



Consulting Associates

Dawn DePasquale, Ph.D., is a former master trainer with Development Dimensions International (DDI) and a training associate with the Creative Problem Solving Group of Buffalo, NY. Her workshops in leadership, team-building, and human relations are in high demand by major corporations all over the world.



Glenn Max Wilson is an international business and change management consultant, certified master trainer, and entrepreneur. He has helped Fortune Global 500 companies, nonprofit agencies, and small businesses find solutions for solving problems, managing change, product and service development, and process improvement — all leading to differentiation, sustainability, improved bottom lines, and growth for the organization.